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Awards and Recognition

The Awards Committee is seeking nomination for the awards listed below, which customarily are presented at the annual meeting by the Chapter.

All nominations must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the schedule ATC.

Life Membership Award

The Life Membership Award may be conferred upon an active member in good standing for a period of 10 years and one who has rendered distinctive service to the Chapter by being active in the Executive Board and/or held Chair position/s in CIAAI Standing Committee for a minimum of fire years. (Limited to two recipients annually)

Life Membership Award - 2022 Awarded to Chris Forkner

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given to individuals who are active members of the CIAAI and who have shown outstanding service, effort and direction. The nominated individual has shown outstanding leadership, professional competence and significant accomplishment. Such achievements and direction to the purposes and objectives of the CIAAI. (Limited to two recipients annually.

Distinguish Service Award - 2022 Awarded to Dawn Tollis

Outstanding Accomplishment Award

The Outstanding Accomplishment Award is presented to municipalities agencies (law enforcement or private) and companies which have developed successful programs that help to reduce the incidence of arson by implementing and achieving a progressive, innovative and successful program. (Limited to two recipients annually)

Outstanding Accomplishment Award - 2022 Presented to Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

Award of Recognition

The Award of Recognition may be given to any individual or organization for service rendered to the Chapter and its purposes. This recipient has continued to support the Chapter and continues to be a valuable asset. (Limited to two recipients annually)

Award of Recognition - 2022 Presented to Colorado Premier Restoration

Investigator of the Year Award

 The Investigator of the Year Award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding achievement through the use of professional expertise in both the criminal and civil fields of arson control. Criteria of this award; fire investigation of a closed case of an open investigation. The recipient shall not be a current office or member of the Board of Directors, nor shall the recipient be a member of the Awards Committee.

(Limited to one recipient annually)

Photography Competition

Awards will be given in the categories of Arson and Accidental Fire Photography. First and Second place and Honorable Mention awards are presented for each category. Photos will be judged on the quality and content of the cause represented. Technique and composition of how well it depicts its category. First place award winners may not enter the same category for two years in a row.

Rules for the Annual CIAAI Photo Competition.

  1. The photographic award competition is open only to members in good standing of the CIAAI.
  2. All photos entered must be the work of the person entering and must have been taken within the preceding 48 months.
  3. There are two categories for competition: Category 1 - Arson Photos; Category 2 - Accidental Photos (Maximum of one submisstion in each category per entrant).
  4. Photos must be in color.
  5. Photos must be digital and shot at 3 to 8 mega pixels and in JPG Format. If shot by 35mm, photos must be scanned to digital format at a minimum of 300 dpi. No marks of any kind may be placed on the photograph. A designation of appropriate category and a brief explanation of the subject of the photograph, including the type of structure or item, must accompany each photograph submitted and reference the digital number of the photograph. Two supporting photographs may be submitted to clarify the actual photograph being submitted. The actual photo being submitted for consideration must be designated. (NO TRAINING PHOTOS)
  6. The following information must be placed with the description for each photo submitted: name, mailing address, telephone number, department or company name, date photo was taken, location of photo scene, number sequence of each photo submitted by digital number as described in Rule 5 and current email address.
  7. All photo entries become the property of the CIAAI and will not be returned.
  8. Any entry not complying with these rules may be eliminated.

The Colorado Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.




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